River Float... I don't think you can call this floating

This is me floating down the Weber River. Not quite floating, don't ya think??

My singles ward did this for an activity awhile ago and it was a lot of fun. I had never gone before and was a little nervous when she was telling us about all the rocks and things to watch out for but it ended up being pretty easy. Only flipped once and rubbed my arms raw!



I hope all of you Utah peeps got a chance to tour the Brigham City Temple. It is being dedicated tomorrow and will be a great addition to the church's collection of amazing buildings. iPhones have a pretty good camera, don't ya think? :)


Stormy Days in July

I am having withdrawals of not blogging and I have items waiting to be completed and published... obviously since this picture was taken in July and it is September. Crazy! But isn't it beautiful?!
I should have internet at my place next week and will feel normal again!


Temporarily out of service..

Sorry it has been so long since a post. I have like ten waiting to go but I temporarily lost my internet at home and have had no time at work to do anything besides work.. weird how that works, right? Hopefully next week I will be up and running!


3-4 stitches by butt - WARNING: GRAPHICS PHOTOS

Diagnosis: Lentiginous compound dysplastic nevus with severe atypia of both the intraepidermal and dermal component, arising in association with a dermal nevu, extending to within 0.3 mm of lateral margin.

So I had this mole on my chest that was a dark and odd shaped. I got it removed (just a small shaving and a bandaid). I got a call from my doctor a few weeks later saying it was atypical and the area around it needed to be removed, she said it would be small and 3-4 stitches. As you can see above it was 16 stitches. Grr... I wish I could use the excuse I got a boob job but nobody falls for it..



Song of the Month: July

My Blog Readers. I am back and will be posting regularly...Yeah!

The Piano Guys: "Paradise" Cover (African)

No Doubt "Settle Down"


Independence Day

I totally forgot about this post! And now I am in my new place (details to come) and have internet. Yeah!!

The 4th was a good day this year. It is always one of my favorite holidays. We got back from Island Park early evening on the 3rd so I just stayed at my parents. That next morning, me, mom, maegan, and kari ran the annual Cherry Day's 5k. I was not prepared for this one at all and it has a stupid hill to start out with which makes the whole race hard. But me and maegan enjoyed each others company and ended up walking and talking half the time!

Then onto the parade. Casey, Kari, and the kids joined us which made it 10x better! These kids were so cute, if you can't tell from the pictures below.

I than headed back down to Salt Lake where it was off to my friends Jeff & Jake's place for swimming and a BBQ. We laughed because besides those two boys only girls showed up! We had a great time though.

The evening was spent at the ReAL game. Go ReAL!! Good times as always. There was a great firework show at the end. It was probably one of my favorites, coordinated with music which always makes them 10x better.

Happy 4th! I love you USA!


Island Park

A few weeks ago my parents rented a cabin in Island Park: (see below)
It was a nice little get away. Everyone made it up for at least a couple days but I did the long haul and stayed up there for the whole week. It was good, but I sure do miss my home when I am living in a small cabin with my family for a whole week!

My Birthday happened to fall on one of the days we were up there. That morning I got to lay in my bed and have these two cutie pies sing me happy birthday, that was the best part, head gear and all!:

Above was my birthday dinner & cake (already cut into of course)

One day we went and spent the day in Yellowstone. It was beautiful of course...but a lot of driving. I get very sleepy in the car so I think I took about 5 naps that day. We saw an amazing waterfall, a black bear with her two cute cubs (and got yelled at by the forest patrol for getting to close...we weren't that close though, whatever), old faithful and lots of buffalo, deer, and antelope. No moose which made me a little sad.
poor kid (Emett) just got to tired to keep walking. and than he keep denying he sat down on the trail but oh guess what? I got a picture!
Spent lots of time in the cabin, watching lots of movies
And spent some time at the damn, making us doggy friends

And spent A LOT of time on the four wheeler and golf carts

It all made me very, very tired!

Pure Beauty...

Is this not the PRETTIEST bed you have ever seen? One day soon I will have it and share another photo of it in my bedroom :). oh, it gives me the chills!


Wowzers...Large Flowers

I always pot flowers for my mom for Mother's Day. This year I went out on a limb and bought some flowers I had never heard of before and attempted to go a little exotic. Not a good idea...
The flowers grew to a very very large size (it even got worse after these photos were taken).
Me and my sister had a good laugh about it: